Translation with SYSTRAN App


Instantly translate any text that is entered into the tool’s left-hand text field.

  1. Use the provided drop down menus to select the languages you wish to translate. Click the double arrow icon to inverse the language direction.

  • Source Language: The language of the original text, prior to translation. By default, the language will be detected automatically (Auto-Detect), which is useful in the event that the source language is unknown.


If the language is not automatically detected, try inserting more text so that the tool has additional information to analyze.

  1. Enter or paste text into the Source field (the left field). The translation will be automatically generated in the Target field (the middle field).

As a result, SYSTRAN App provides a translation (see 1 below), the dictionary tool looks up the input text (see 2 below) and alternative translations are displayed with all available profiles for the Language Pair selected (see 3 below):


In addition, the SYSTRAN App provides hot buttons in the source and target fields designed to offer enhanced functionality:


  1. Clear text: Click on this icon to clear the Source text in one click

  2. Text-to-Speech: You can click on this icon to hear a synthesized reproduction of the target text

  3. Copy Text: Copy the target text to the clipboard