Translation Shortcuts

Use translation shortcuts to instantly translate a selection of words or instantly look up the definition of a word or expression.

For example:

Select a paragraph and use the shortcut key (by default CTRL + C then immediatly press CTRL + T) to open SYSTRAN App with your selected paragraph and have it translated instantly.


The shortcut: First command ( CTRL + C / CMD + C ) then second command ( CTRL + T / CMD + T ). The second command can be updated in Settings.

It will open the SYSTRAN App with the clipboard content in the source box and the target box will display the result of the translation. The second command is triggered only if:

  • Your are connected in the SYSTRAN App with Translate PRO

  • The second command is made within 1 second after the first command (CTRL+C / CMD + C)

  • The clipboard is not empty

You can configure the shortcuts by opening the settings of the application and then personalizing the shortcuts in the Shortcuts pane.

The default shortcut is CTRL + C then CTRL + C.

To change the shortcut, select Customized Shortcut radio button, then use your keyboard to define your own shortcut. The second command is prefixed with CTRL / CMD (it cannot be changed)