Installation and activation


Microsoft Office versions:

  • for Windows x86 and x64 desktops: the 32- or 64-bit version of Office 2013 or a later version, running on Windows 7 or a later version.

  • for Mac OS X: The following are the minimum client versions of Office on Mac that support Office Add-ins.

  • Word version 15.18 (160109)

  • Excel version 15.19 (160206)

  • PowerPoint version 15.24 (160614)

  • For the web version, you will need one of the following as the default browser: Internet Explorer 11, or the latest version of Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari (Mac OS).


Install the add-ins

The add-ins can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store:

  • SYSTRAN Translator for Word, Excel and PowerPoint

  • SYSTRAN Translator for Outlook

Or directly from the Microsoft Application. For example, with Microsoft Word: In the word menu, Insert >> Store >> look for SYSTRAN Translator


You have to repeat this operation for Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook.


Select the authentication mode

  1. From SYSTRAN Translate Pro if you have a SYSTRAN Translate Pro subscripton

  2. From a SYSTRAN Pure Neural Server


Then in the second step you will have to enter your server gateway URL or directly enter your credentials (login/pwd) if you have selected the first authentication mode, the SYSTRAN Translator for Office 365 are using the PKCE authentication flow.


Once connected, you will see 3 menus:


  • Translate: to access to the translation features

  • Languages available: Languages available according SYSTRAN Translate Pro

  • Settings (Gear button): The server settings